2 more weeks until cyclic! opens her doors...

Next week we will announce the film screening line up as well as some artist statements, a detailed programme of the live performance acts, as well as what will be on sale during the show. In addition to the line up looks like we will also be exhibiting some beautiful vintage race bikes to put on display and share with you...

Best (bicycle) regards, Vera & Cheryl.

Location for cyclic! weekend is between the Munt Plein & Waterlooplein at 58 Raamgracht, Amsterdam!


Kapitein Roodbaard

Just dropped of his work. It's great meeting all the participants prior to the event. Tonight there'll be a meeting with Myrte Derks who'll be showcasing some bicycle movies on Sunday 11 October.

About Kapitein Roodbaards work: Fearsome! I saw it online, it's quite something else to see it larger than life in print. It'll be a centrepiece of the exhibition.


Bikes, bikes and more bikes at bricklane bikes!

In June I made a trip to London and discovered some very exciting bike work/shops in Londons East-end. Brick Lane bikes and 14 Bike Company. Well now it is September and I found myself in London again and once more marveling the field of multi-coloured and every-era frames hanging from the ceiling at Brick lane bikes.

I am super excited about visiting shops like these. What I am even more excited about is seeing so many more cyclists in the city. Living in London 7 years ago the only people on bikes were brave couriers and the odd nutty professor. Now I stand and watch the many different people with their different styles flowing through the city by bike. This is really positive change for great city!

Star gazing & yellow workshop at bricklane bikes.


Magieke Jansen - t-shirts designed for the Courier Messenger World Tokyo championships

Today Magieke Jansen dropped by to deliver his work for Cyclic!

Looking good: photography and graphic design inspired by cycling holidays and work as a bike messenger.

Unfortunately Magieke himself won't be around at Cyclic since he'll be participating in the CMWC (Courier Messenger World Championships) in Tokyo AND while he's there he'll be campaigning on getting the CMWC 2011 to be held in Amsterdam.

His t-shirts designed for the Tokyo championships, his photographs and a book with his work will be on sale. Cool stuff!


Homage to the bike

It was a great ride with the cycleslutz along the water and here it is, the BIG WHITE BIKE! at Nulde beach...


Tour de Big Bike

Tomorrow the cycleslutz (Vera-Opperslut, myself and a few others) will ride out to Nulde to climb into the big white bike saddle. Hopefully it will stay dry and the sun will come out for a group photo. If you fancy making a pilgrimage out to this bike yourself, we would love to publish your photos here!

Best (bicycle) regards, Cheryl.



We pretty much got the program together and will give you some teasers on this blog of what will be going down in the weekend of 9-10-11 October.

Here is one guy who will put his work on show and for sale; Jan Willem van Breugel is a designer who uses recycled bicycle parts to make beautiful things.

"Wheels-on-Fire recycles old bike-parts into shiny retyred bags, sturdy accessories, straight lighting and massive furniture.

Holland is a small and flat country, so cycling is an easy, popular solution for travelling short distances. With 16 million people in the country, nearly everyone owns a bike. Many of the older bikes are abandoned at the repair shop or worse... Others finish their lives in accidents, canals or ditches. Wheels-on-Fire collects & recycles old bicycle-parts and turns them into stylish and good-looking products."