Bristol Oktober Bike Fest

This weekend was the Bristol annual Oktober Bike Fest. I was riding as part of a newly assembled all girl single speed team for the first time. Arriving in town Friday morning, I met some people from the Pervasive Media Studios to talk about cyclic's most recent bicycle art project, followed by a visit to Arnolfini Gallery. At the end of the day it was time to start the climb out of city center, over the Clifton suspension bridge and on to Ashton Court where the race was held. Climbing out of town on the stylish Singular Gryphon on loan from Sam, wearing an equally stylish trench coat, looking good for a someone who lost their biking legs over the bridge - it was sooooo high.

Saturday morning our team Captain Jessica named us The Slits for the weekend and we all agreed to it. One lap of the course was 9km and was made up of 70% newly carved out single track. It was disney dirt. Fun lady lumps, tight corners, a neat rock garden and two decent climbs. After 07:30hrs of riding, 13 laps, and various comments on the bike, from 'bet those drop handle bars are fun' to 'well done! you lunatic!'. The Slits came second in the combined womens category, although had there have been a single speed women team category, we were winners! We won buffs, beer tokens and danced victoriously into the night.

Image from www.rightplacerighttime.co.uk