We pretty much got the program together and will give you some teasers on this blog of what will be going down in the weekend of 9-10-11 October.

Here is one guy who will put his work on show and for sale; Jan Willem van Breugel is a designer who uses recycled bicycle parts to make beautiful things.

"Wheels-on-Fire recycles old bike-parts into shiny retyred bags, sturdy accessories, straight lighting and massive furniture.

Holland is a small and flat country, so cycling is an easy, popular solution for travelling short distances. With 16 million people in the country, nearly everyone owns a bike. Many of the older bikes are abandoned at the repair shop or worse... Others finish their lives in accidents, canals or ditches. Wheels-on-Fire collects & recycles old bicycle-parts and turns them into stylish and good-looking products."


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