blue sky, blue sea, blue cyclic! blue

10 o'clock this morning cyclic! set out for the beach. A nice 50km round trip. Blue skies and a cool breeze: perfect. Riding next to the red Koga on my 1979 'sit up and beg' dutch city bike, felt like riding alongside a champion in a beaten up Peugeot (1979). Doing my very best to keep up with the koga and feeling very important. Giving water or repairing a flat for the one true champ: a good friend on a racer. We stopped only for the obligatory coffee and apple tart and to admire the grace of a jumbo jet taking off from Amsterdam's airport, slowly rumbling over the nature reserve 'spaarnwoude'. A good day of riding, with a good amount of hanging out at the beach in between. As the afternoon came to an end, a cool mist rolled in, cooling our hot pink legs for the journey home. After perhaps too much sun, we came across a huge 'cyclic blue' building, only one thing to do, an impromptu performance/photoshoot. This reminded us that we still have s few cyclic t-shirts left. Contact us if you would like one.

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