Work in progress

This blog is new, fresh, quite empty, a blank canvas.. just the way we would like Cyclic to be; a blank space for cycle-minded artists to fill and for visitors to fantasize about.

But we decided to start adding more content to this blog leading up to the event; to give you an idea of whats happening behind the scenes (busy busy busy, talking to artists, talking to the radio, trying to find sponsors, thinking about exhibition practicalities, juggling work, personal life and this project)and to share bike/art/media related stuff that inspires us, the stuff that initially inspired us to start Cyclic.

So, we want to share our thoughts and ideas but at the same time we want to keep the boundaries of the exhibition wide open. The only limit is the bicycle theme; the call for work is open until 21 august so to all artists out there, please send in your ideas/work/cv to cyclicamsterdam@gmail.com for a chance to exhibit and sell your work at Cyclic.

Enjoy, and thanks for your input so far!


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